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When building your own property, you need to choose the right construction company London. Choosing the wrong company could end in disaster and with you needing to look for someone to repair the work that has been done. There are a number of points that you have to look at when choosing a construction company London.

Ask Your Designer

If you have used a local designer for your building, you should ask them about the construction companies they recommend. Local designers will generally have experience with different companies and could provide you with references and a good place to start your search. Of course, you will need to be careful with this, particularly if the designer only offers a single company, because they could be getting a commission from the construction company for sending work their way.

Construction company London

Look At Recent Reviews Of Construction company

Before you hire a construction company, you need to research them. Looking at reviews is a good way to determine whether or not they are reputable and offer a good service. However, you need to ensure that the reviews are recent because reputations do not last a lifetime. A company that was excellent 10 years ago could no longer be as good due to changes in management or other circumstances.

Talk To Local Building Inspectors

Building inspectors have an undeserved reputation of being unapproachable and generally disagreeable. However, they are a severely under-utilized resource for anyone who is building their own property. As their job is to ensure that buildings in the area are to a certain standard, they will be able to point you in the direction of the best construction companies.

Look At Trade Association Membership

Membership of a trade association is not compulsory for construction companies and builders.  However, if the company you are looking to hire has a trade membership or only hires contractors that have trade membership, this does put your mind at ease.  These trade associations will generally complete a reference check on their members and some will inspect their work to ensure that it meets the associations' standards.  However, it is important to note that being a member of a trade association will not guarantee a trouble-free experience.  

Choosing the right construction company is important when you build a property.  Choosing the wrong company can result in poor building standards and additional costs to bring the property to the correct standard.

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